VHF TV Antennas

VHF TV Antennas RYMSA RF AT11 series for B-I and AT13 series for B-III constitute a comprehensive range of antennas for these frequencies. Panel systems: the arrays of panels are the most versatile solution to implement radiation patterns customized to any particular coverage requirement. Ideal for middle to big masts and multichannel operation, they also allow reaching the high power ratings frequently required in those situations. RYMSA VHF TV panel systems can be classified as follows: Band I: Horizontally polarized panels of two dipoles, with models for 4-around (square) and 3-around (triangular) arrays, working either at a single channel or across extended bandwidths. Band III: Horizontally and vertically polarized panels of two and four dipoles, working for the whole band, allowing to build square and triangular arrays. Robust design for hard environments and lighter versions for simpler systems are available. Other antenna solutions marketed by RYMSA RF for VHF TV applications are: Versatile antenna systems: a unique solution in vertical polarization based on a simple kit of active and passive dipoles allowing to customize on site the type of HRP. Available for both B-I and B-III.
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