UHF TV Antennas

RYMSA RF AT15 series are compiling several types of antennas for TV applications within the B-IV/V range. Panel systems: with equivalent characteristics as those previously described for VHF, panel arrays are the best choice for situations involving multichannel needs and tailored patterns. UHF panel systems are frequently delivered as a fully integrated antenna, with all the elements pre-assembled on a spine that also may be fully enclosed in a GRP cylinder. Several models are available: Horizontal polarization panels: suitable for the implementation of square, pentagonal and multi-panel arrangements, and with several input connector options to achieve any possible power request. Vertical polarization panel: designed for broadband operation, it is available with several input connector options. Elliptical polarization panels: especially conceived for assembling antenna systems meeting the new challenges of the market on non-linear polarization, the antenna can be supplied either with a power splitting hybrid neatly integrated on its frame, or with two connectors, one per polarization component. Superturnstile antennas: there are several versions, all ready for multichannel applications, and ranging from low to high power handling.
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