Power Splitters all bands I, II, III, IV / V

RYMSA RF manufactures a wide range of power splitters for varied uses. As an essential component to build broadcast antenna systems, the power splitters are designed and manufactured to guarantee most stringent performances, minimizing VSWR and insertion loss. Broadband features across each broadcast working band (B-I, B-II, B-III, B-IV/V) lead to a high versatility for multichannel applications. In general terms, the power dividers are constructed as the combination of junction boxes with multi-stage impedance transformers, which can be supplied in two different topologies: Series and Parallel transformer. The latter are maximizing peak power admission, so that they are especially suitable to deal with digital applications. RYMSA RF provides symmetrical and asymmetrical power dividers. The latter are utilized to supply unequal power splitting to the unitary radiators composing the antenna system. This allows the implementation of customized horizontal radiation patterns and it is also useful when an exhaustive control of the vertical radiation pattern is desired. A very wide range of asymmetrical power ratios can be provided for all coaxial sizes and frequency ranges.
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