CONTROL SYSTEMS (PERC 2000) PESA’s PERC2000 is a high-end System Controller for the PESA family, offering several enhancements, new features and expanded capabilities over the 3500PRO Controller. PERC2000 is an IP-based system with control capability for PESA routers using the PRC serial bus protocol, but also features 10/100 Ethernet connectivity for communication with network control devices. The PERC2000 controller system consists of a plug-in circuit board and controller application software for installation on a host computer running the Microsoft Windows® operating system. PERC2000 supports up to 16 levels of control, 64 matrices, 256 tieline interconnects, 256 salvos and up to 2,400 source and destination names. It provides diagnostics, matrix segmentation, virtual matrix mapping and field-updates via Ethernet. The graphical user interface is highly intuitive, allowing every feature in the system to be accessed quickly and easily.
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