Maxiva VAX

The Maxiva™ VAX VHF air-cooled transmitter (formerly Platinum™ VAX) delivers the most advanced and proven VHF transmission platform, with exceptional power efficiency, an extended power range and a full operator feature set. These capabilities, along with the VAX transmitter’s flexible configurations and compact design, provide a solid foundation for broadcasters to build their network. The Maxiva VAX incorporates the PowerSmart® solid-state architecture, along with 50-Volt LDMOS amplifier devices and the Maxiva M2X™exciter technology with RTAC™, to provide today’s broadcaster with leading power efficiency and unmatched signal performance. The VAX power amplifiers have a record of proven performance and reliability. This powerful blend of technologies provides best-in-class performance with respect to transmitter size, power efficiency and features. The modular design allows for simpler installation, easier maintenance and reduced total cost of ownership over the life of the transmitters. The VAX is available in very low-power to high-power output, suitable for almost any broadcast application. Designed with future broadcasting needs in mind, the Maxiva VAX transmitter is capable of multiple modulation schemes for band III VHF analog or digital operation — including ATSC, ATSC MDTV, DVB-T/H, DVB T2, ISDB-Tb, DAB/DMB and future digital standards. Upgrading from analog to digital or to newer digital standards is readily accomplished to further extend the capability and life of the transmitter. The Maxiva VAX transmitter is available as standalone units or in single- or dual-cabinet configurations, and has digital power levels up to 12 kW ATSC, 6.4 kW DVB-T/T2, 10 kW DAB/DMB, and analog levels up to 16 kW.
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