Maxiva VAX Compact Class

The Maxiva™ VAX Compact Class family of VHF Band III solid-state transmitters, transposers/translators and gap fillers (formerly Platinum™ VAX Compact Class) builds on the proven foundation of GatesAir low-power systems and PowerSmart® technology. It provides today’s digital broadcaster with a suite of compatible products to accommodate any coverage application, along with unmatched performance, reliability and quality. Designed for digital broadcasting, the Maxiva VAX Compact Class is a platform available as a transmitter for DAB, DAB+ and DMB radio, or as transmitter, transposer or SFN gap filler configurations for DVB-T/H, DVB-T2, ATSC, ATSC-MDTV, ISDB-Tb and analog television networks. The Compact Class is ideal for extending market coverage and filling in coverage gaps in challenging situations, including busy urban areas that require greater building penetration. Maxiva VAX Compact Class covers low-power VHF transmissions in a 2RU chassis design, with rack savings of up to 50 percent compared to previous-generation transmitters of equivalent power levels. This product integrates Maxiva M2X™ exciter technology to enable simple modulation changes and analog-to-digital upgrades, providing broadcasters the highest level of performance and allowing fast setup time with Real Time Adaptive Correction (RTAC™). The shared modulation approach provides a common interface for Platinum users, reducing training requirements. The Maxiva VAX Compact Class provides pre-filter power levels up to 150 W (DAB/DAB+/DMB), 180W (ATSC), 100W (COFDM) or 250W (Analog).VAX Compact Class transposers/translators provide efficient and reliable re-broadcast of the received signal in a small and robust package. The gap filler configuration adds a powerful echo cancellation algorithm to deliver on-channel broadcast. This combination of products enables broadcasters to address any network coverage need.
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