Maxiva™ ULX

The Maxiva™ ULX UHF liquid-cooled, solid-state transmitter provides today’s multimedia broadcaster with one transmitter platform capable of multiple modulation schemes. Featuring the proven Maxiva M2X™multimedia exciter at its core, the Maxiva ULX transmitter is an ideal solution for digital applications, as well as any analog broadcaster planning a future transition to DVB-T/H, DVB-T2, ATSC, ATSC-MDTV, ISDB-Tb, CMMB, CTTB, and other digital standards. Maxiva ULX transmitters incorporate GatesAir PowerSmart®technology, enabling best-in-class power-density and efficiency. With digital power levels up to 28.1 kW COFDM and 44.6 kW ATSC and analog power levels up to 75 kW, the Maxiva ULX transmitter offers the best footprint-to-power ratio in the industry — allowing for simplified installation, easier maintenance and reduced total cost of ownership over the life of the transmitter.
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