9821 Downconverter with HD/SD-SDI Input, HD/SD-SDI Reclocking, SD-SDI and Analog Video/Audio Output

The 9821 provides HD-to-SD down-conversion with ARC and has versatility in providing up to four SD-SDI and/or analog composite outputs as well as up to four reclocked SDI input copies. The card can pass SD signals with re-aspect, if needed. Four analog audio output channels can be de-embedded from selected embedded audio channels. The space-saving design of the 9821 provides for high density, allowing two cards to be collocated in adjacent slots and served by a single, standard-width “split” rear module. The 9821 can rate-convert 23.98 frame video to 59.94 fields, move progressive to interlace and is equipped with extensive user programmable reticule overlays. The data path is 10-bit with 12-bit analog encoding. Full proc control with user memory allows adjustment of white level, black level, color gain, and color phase. Factory presets enable a return to factory settings.
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