8021 HD/SD Up/Down and Cross Converter with Digital and Analog Outputs

The 8021 accepts dual rate HD/SD SMPTE-292/259M-C digital inputs and can up or down convert incoming signals and re-aspect to 4x3 or 16x9. In addition, the 8021 can cross convert HD signals between 1080 and 720. Both digital and analog HD/SD and XGA outputs are available. The 8021 can rate convert 24 frame video to 60 frames and move interlace to progressive and back. The unit also has user configurable reticle overlays. The 8021 has full 10-bit video processing with 12-bit analog encoding. The 8021 allows you to pick your monitor or scope, HD or SD (analog or digital) or XGA analog and view HD-SDI or SDI. User setups are by external switch controls or a serial PC interface. The unit can be controlled remotely for monitoring wall applications.
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